About RPG

About RPG

The Company Philosophy

browse around this web-site What drives this company is my passion for helping individuals to achieve their goals. What's unique about the way I conduct business is the amount of time I dedicate to customer satisfaction. Many companies in the same industry place their focus on profit. Rosa Professional Group seeks fulfillment and excellence for both clients and candidates.

My Story

purchase Lyrica from canada Every business has a beginning, and mine was pretty simple. I saw the opportunity to pursue my passion in marketing and human resources and that led creation of this site. As the owner and president --people saw potential in me and as I started expanding my professional network I realized I experienced a deep appreciation for helping others to achieve their dreams.

I started off in the city of Albany- working off of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, connecting my friends and family to opportunities. Later on I decided that I wanted to pursue an educational background in Business Administration with a Minor in Philosophy.


Meet the CEO

My philosophy for recruitment is simple. With the network I've built over time I've connected people with real jobs in real industries. I represent and give advice to candidates and help them market themselves by tailoring their resumes, giving them tips for successful interviews and dedicating time to customer satisfaction.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Kamila A. Flores Villa

Owner & CEO